CJ Burgandy &
Burgundy Comics 2012
Major Characters
Velma Slaysong
Velma comes from a long line of Knights, and she plans to uphold family tradition by become a knight herself. All her life she has dreamed of fighting monsters and rescuing damsels in distress.
Rowena Justicestone
Rowena is a childhood friend of Velma's who moved to the big city a couple of years ago to run a tavern. The Raging Bull Pen has become a popular hang out for the female town folk and is famous for it's travelable food item, the Mutton Wrap.
Lenore Briar
Lenore is an half-elf performer. She has traveled from town to town, playing music, putting on one person plays, and performing slight of hand tricks to entertain any audience she can get.
Theodora "Theo" Briar
Theo is a half-elf hooligan. She travels along with her twin sister, picking the pockets of distracted audience, picking the locks of people not at home, and performing slight of hand tricks to get a hold of valuable items.
Sister Tahira
Tahira is a Sister of the Sun, and grew up in the local abbey. Now as an adult, she is out to spread the good news of the creator she worships. She is also out having fun while she's not under the watchful eye of her superiors. She knows the creator will forgive her trespasses.
Winola Aludir'hera
Winola is a high ranking student at the Capital's mage school. All she needs is her internship credit to graduate. She's hoping the BullDaggers go on a big enough adventure to count towards it.
Princess Marie
The youngest daughter of King Adalric. All her sisters (She has 8) have been married off to knights, dukes and nobles. She is a girly girl princess, the apple of her daddy's eye and has no interest in the suitors that have come to call.
Alistair is a fox. He is Winola's familiar and has the sense of humor that she seems to lack.
Queen Umnia
The Demon Queen of Durrumia. She plans to expand her kingdom by taking over the others. She'll stop at nothing until Briggindawn succumb to her will.
Simply known as Minion, she has no memories of where she came from, but knows she is cursed with the inability to die. She once heard a prophecy on how to end her curse, but it so hard for her to remember.
Image to comeKing Adalric
The King of Briggindawn. He is a loving king who has raised 9 daughters and a single son. He is beloved by the whole kingdom, not because it's required, but because he does everything he can to make sure his kingdom is the happiest it could be.
Prince Basil
The only son of Adalric, he is the next in line for the throne, despite being the next to youngest child. He has a disliking for his little sister, but appears to be shaping up to be a great king once his father passes on. Or is he?
Minor Characters
Chef Rock: The creator of the Mutton Wrap, and cook at the Raging Bull Pen. Rock is shy and rarely comes out of the kitchen. Big and burly, it's rumored that he is a reformed criminal.
Shepherdess Bourgogne: Local Shepherd. Can be seen during her off time at the Raging Bull Pen.